The Unknown – a poem

A beacon of light; a torch at night,
A path once obscured; now in plain sight,
A once lost wanderer; a direction now found,
A hesitant first step; treading unfamiliar ground,

Trepidation consumes her; uncertainty everywhere,
Her breathing is shallow; her steps are with care,
A knot for a heart; in her stomach a rock,
A key she has to give; to open this lock,

The light is so far; and frighteningly dim,
She steps down the path; hopeful tis no mere whim,
Carefully she steps; and rests when she must,
Unknowing of what will be; in faith she will trust,

A friendship most special; with one she does adore,
Beyond what words can say; it moves her at the core,
She’s sacred of a misstep; unsure which way to steer
She longs to say this; wishes she could be clear.

“I know not how to word this; I hope I’m not coy,
Nothing do I want more; than to see you in joy,
Your happiness is vital; filling your wondrous heart,
I just also do wish; someday I might be part.”

(for A)

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