Old Writings: A Sestina

All alone in the blackness of night
Tracing blind sigils upon the blank walls
Tripping on my own feet, I fell
The world rushing me towards the ground
My thud echoed all around
No one offered a hand to help me.

Wandering the streets, no one with me
The day slowly giving way to night
All those I traveled with were no longer around
Open streets giving way to alley walls
My feet splashing puddles on the ground
The water ripples as my steps fell.

From our hands the shot glasses fell
A night of revelry my friends threw for me
Music making our feet tap the ground
Drinking late into the raucous night
The noise and odors echoing off thick walls
Drunken amnesia all around.

A party will all my friends around
We were going to party till the night fell
Planning to get drunk enough to repaint the walls
An attempt by those close to help me
So I wouldn’t waste another night
Spending it wasting away on the ground.

Lately I could hardly get myself off the ground
I didn’t want anyone around
The days were not as bad as the night
Not long before my whole world fell
I wanted no one to be around me
Taking comfort only in my solitary walls.

Her words hit me, slamming into walls
Then my heart was flung to the ground
Did she never actually care for me?
Did she ever actually want me around?
Hearing her lies, my mind fell
My world fell into an eternal night.

The night the walls fell to the ground around me.

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