What it meant to me will eventually be a memory

I’ve been having trouble focusing on things to write about.  There are topics I’m interested in writing about, but I have been busy and not put in the thought needed to really write on them.  Which is making my self goal of updating at least every 2 days tricky.

I acquired a few more books on trans issues, One fiction, one memoir and a couple more clinical.  Hopefully those will give me a similar sense of connection.  If nothing else I’m sure there will be some topics inspired by my readings.

I’ve not heard back from the person I was getting close to.  It’s not unheard of for her to be over a week in responding, but the nature of the last message makes me feel less hopeful.  I’d also rather prepare for the worst.  But I’ve also been chatting with a couple more people I’ve met recently through the same online place.  It’s way to early to even really think about it beyond how it’s at least nice to meet new people.

Two weeks into transition and the latest thing I’ve noticed is a slight increase in skin sensitivity.  I’ve always had a very strong sense of touch, but this is definitely noticeable.  I know the big changes are a ways off.  I do wish they could happen sooner, but for now I try to just take it one day at a time.

I was going to end this talking about the new Mad Max movie, but I think I can write enough about it to be a full post.  So I’ll try to write that up tomorrow and just let this be a short post.  For now life is just busy with work and school, so nothing really fun or interesting, but time consuming.  That’s it for now.

–  R

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