I’m on my way, I’ve got a plan, I’m making my way any way that I can

Small steps.  The last couple days have been about the small steps.  Small steps may not seem like much, but they will make up the majority of my journey.

Today I removed one of my final masks.  I shaved off the majority of my remaining body hair, including my facial hair.  I’ve kept some form of facial hair for over a decade.  It was a useful mask, and help me both hide, and was a reminder of how to act when I would start to let myself be my true self in public.  But the other side is, now I’m on my way to becoming myself outside as well as inside.

I caught a look at myself in the mirror after I finished and I actually looked feminine to me.  I never had rugged features, and I used to hate it, but now I’m so very grateful.  That I could put on some make up now and with the right clothes probably not get too many weird looks makes me hopeful.  I may have the wrong body, but I’m not beyond the right one, and my face will not be my biggest hurdle.

I made an official email address for my real name.  Having an email address based off your name is a good idea for official stuff, but if you ever have to change your name, it gets complicated.

In the near future I will be doing a few posts on the people who have been major influences in my life.  My ex, who I will call Ann, will be the first.  Ann is still a major part of my life, and even though we are not together anymore, we’re still very close.  She’s also promised to both help me with make up, a skill I will desperately need to learn, as well as start working out with me, because I very much want to lose weight.

I will probably not be doing posts every single day, but I will try to be consistent.  I do have a lot to say, but I don’t want to burn out, and I hope to keep this going for a long time.  Writing about these things has been a wonderful help, as have knowing people are reading.  Thank you all.

2 thoughts on “I’m on my way, I’ve got a plan, I’m making my way any way that I can

    • Seeing “her” has been one of the biggest inspiration I’ve felt in a very long time. Knowing that I’m in here, that I’m going to look a lot more like I want without major facial surgery is so wonderful a feeling. Seeing who I really am, even for that fleeting second is absolutely wonderful!


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